Onward into 2016

Posted on: January 16th, 2016 by The Night Trotters

Hey bluegrass fans!

We are looking forward to a bright new year full of music, pickin’, and grinnin’.  Hope you are ready to join us.

We are currently getting our schedule full for both private and public events in 2016, so be sure to check back here, stay tuned and catch us when you can!

We Are Back

Posted on: November 30th, 2014 by The Night Trotters


We are back with a healed up hand and a new baby. And, we are playing December 6 at The ByWater, so you better come say hey, cut the rug, and have a good beer.

See you there at 8pm!


Posted on: July 29th, 2014 by The Night Trotters

So y’all may have noticed that we are not playing with the 98.1 The River Homegrown series at Pritchard Park this Thursday anymore, nor did we appear on the radio last night. We also had to cancel our gig at the Southern Appalachian Brewery.

Will has messed up his picking hand pretty bad by way of some repetitive stress syndrome type issues. He will be out of commission for a bit as he starts physical therapy soon.

We do hope to be back in action this fall…so stay tuned!

TheKnot.com’s Dream Wedding Recap

Posted on: April 7th, 2014 by The Night Trotters

We had a great time playing the cocktail hour at TheKnot.com’s Dream Wedding last week. We were honored to be asked to play for such a wonderful event, and were happy we could take part in an event for the deserving couple.

Here’s a newly-released recap video of the event in case you didn’t catch it live online. I don’t know who the music on the video is by, but if you watch at the 2:38 mark, you can catch a glimpse of us playing! Don’t blink.

I Am A Pilgrim

Posted on: March 21st, 2014 by The Night Trotters

Another song we did a quick video for the other night, complete with flubs and missed notes!  Hopefully you like it anyway…enjoy!

Riding On That Midnight Train

Posted on: March 20th, 2014 by The Night Trotters

We were messing around the other night and thought it might be fun to record some video. The quality isn’t that great, but we hope you enjoy it!

More soon!

TheKnot.com Dream Wedding

Posted on: March 19th, 2014 by The Night Trotters

We are excited to be part of this event! The deserving couple was chosen as part of a spectacular event that has been crowd-sourced by people voting for what goes into the dream wedding — everything from the wedding dress to the flowers.

A video about the couple:

The most recent recap of the voting selections:

Be sure to check out the Dream Wedding website for more info. You can also participate in voting!

Come see us at The Bywater

Posted on: February 10th, 2014 by The Night Trotters

We are pleased to be opening for The Whappers at The Bywater on Saturday, February 22, 2014. The cost is a measly $5, just like those punk shows you used to go to in the 90’s.

As luck would have it, half of the Night Trotters are in The Whappers! We will likely mix it up and do some picking that you will enjoy no matter what you like: bluegrass or loud rock and roll. Come on out!


We have a new website

Posted on: January 26th, 2014 by The Night Trotters

newlogoSometimes, it’s good to have a web developer in your band. OK, really, I can’t think of a time when it is not good to have a web developer in your band.

We decided to spiff this place up a bit, get ourselves a new logo, and make things a bit more visually pleasing around here. We do this because not only do we care for your ears, but we also care for your eyeballs.

The only thing we have left to do is to get some better photographs taken. We hope that will happen as soon as the polar vortex decides to quit harshing on North Carolina (and the rest of the US). Stay tuned!

This Will Be Awesome

Posted on: December 25th, 2013 by The Night Trotters

We are way ahead of our time.

Asheville Bluegrass Band, The Night Trotters